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Tom Diffily

"Rob Mitchell has all the qualities of a Master, yet he is a constant learner. That is why he is able to lead so effectively in a highly committed, team oriented and passionate way. He is a truly authentic, caring and driven leader who takes action for immediate and long-term results with a keen eye on metrics and team input for guidance."

Missy Sturges, Go Integrative Health

"Robert is an absolute pleasure to work with! He's a great communicator, listener and an out-of-the-box thinker. Robert went above and beyond to provide me with the tools and resources to get my business off its feet. If you are looking for a business development consultant, look no further! I highly recommend Robert if you are seeking help to get you to the next level."

Jennifer Barnwell

"I've had the pleasure of working with Rob for over two years. He is an effective, collaborative sales leader with proven results. He is a personable, smart and devoted team player. A successful visionary of prospect and client needs, Rob ensures quick positive outcomes for his team, his prospects/clients and the organization."

Liz Moyer, We Heal For All

"Rob has been excellent to work with. He's forward thinking, business savvy and technically skilled as an entrepreneur. He is also humble, honest and driven to be of service, which is a rare and much needed combination. He was open in his communication with me, thoroughly prepared for our call, and made sure to map out goals and meet them. If you are looking for a versatile and smart person to partner with in your business endeavors, I recommend working with him."

Stacey Adair

"Robert embodies the qualities of a great leader. He leads by example, coaching and mentoring along the way. His drive to succeed, work ethic, and professionalism are unsurpassed. It has been a privilege to work for someone who values collaboration and never asks of anyone what he would not do himself. Robert would be a valuable asset in any organization."

Ian Charlery, A-1 Cleaning Services

"Working with Rob has been an amazing experience. One thing I appreciate is his willingness to share and connect. He is very flexible and has a wide range of knowledge. You will not regret hiring Rob!"

Lee Marshall, aDadsMarch

"Robert Mitchell, is without a doubt one of my favorite people to work with. My business was little more than a dream when I met him. Robert listened to my dreams and goals and flawlessly helped me transition those into needs, wants and plans to get me there. He is upfront about everything, tailored our meetings to maximize to further my goals, and honestly cares about my success. Robert often helped take good ideas of mine and tweak them ever so slightly to make them great. No business is guaranteed success, and no advice is perfect. Still, I do know this, if you want someone knowledgable, a good person, and to give your business its best chance for success, you really can't go wrong choosing to work with Robert. Its been great so far, and I look forward to everything else we will be able to accomplish together."

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If you're an Aspiring Entrepreneur and have value to share with the world or are an Existing Entrepreneur ready to scale up, then this is for you. ExecHero is built based on the expertise of award-winning serial entrepreneur, sales leader and success coach, Robert Mitchell. Robert has built many award-winning 7-figure brands, founded a Top 10 national e-commerce wellness brand and led the team that scaled the Inc. 5000's #1 Fastest Growing Healthcare Company and the #4 Fastest Growing Overall, growing from near zero to $100 Million in just 3 years. Robert took the principles that allowed him to do that, and built them into ExecHero.


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